Partition limits

The Nestum cluster have defined six partitions. It is import to specify the partitions name at job submit otherwise the job will be assigned to default partition short.p and will inherit its limits

  • interact.p: with default time limit 4:00:00 hours this partition is dedicated for interactive  jobs and will run on cn001 node only where the Intel Parallel Studio 2017 XE/Intel OneAPI 2022 suit is available. This queue is useful for compiling the application for source code, developing and  testing the job execution. It’s highly recommended to use this partition instead of the default login node.
  • short.p: this is the default partition with time limit up to 4:00:00 hours, all jobs without explicit partition option will be scheduled for short.p
  • medium.p: the partition is dedicated for medium jobs with time limit of 72:00:00 hours and up 20 compute nodes
  • long.p: the partition can be used for long running jobs with time limit 168:00:00 hours and maximum number of 12 occupied compute nodes in total.