Education & Training

Upcoming Trainings:

  1. Training course: Going parallel – a step by step guide
  • Event/Course Start: Fri, 22/05/2024 – 17:00 CEST;
  • Event/Course End: Wed, 22/05/2024 – 18:30 CEST
  • Event/Course Format: Online, Blended (mixture of live and self-paced)
  • Scientific Domain: Computer sciences, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering
  • Level of Instruction: Intermediate, advanced;
  • Sector of the Target Audience: Research and Academia, Industry;
  • Language of Instruction: English.

Completed Trainings:

  1. Training: Parallel Programming With MPI by Dr. Hristo Iliev (2021), (in English)
  2. High Performance Computing, presentation by prof. A. Proykova, given during the Big Date Summer School, Bankya, 2018 (in Bulgarian)
  3. HPC Systems-presentation by Dr. Hristo Iliev (in Bulgarian)
  4. Introduction to High Performance Computing Course Syllabus (in Bulgarian)
  5. Introduction to WRFv3.7.1 and UEMS software packages (in Bulgarian)
    Downloadable PDF vesion 
  6. Python Universe for HPC with examples: Setup, configuration, modules, preparing the code, running jobs, adjusting the code productivity
  7. Training course: Going parallel – a step by step guide
  8. ZOOM webinar – HPC training: Industrial users point of view
  9. Training of the SME Users on demand 15.12.2023 9:00 – 18:00
  10. Workshop: Best Practices in HPC Training
  11. Intel OneAPI Training (Registration is required)